Here are examples of work being done by NFF grantees, work by allies in the field, and media coverage of related issues. Check back often for updates.

Fifth Avenue Committee – Gowanus Planning Documents, April 2017

East Harlem Neighborhood Plan Website

East Harlem Neighborhood Plan (pdf)

CASA (pdf)

East New York Affordability Chart (pdf)

East New York Community Plan (pdf)

Fighting to Protect Cypress Hills & East New York

Community Voices Heard: Planning in East Harlem

Will the City’s Rezoning Plan for East Harlem Heed the Community’s Vision?

Neighborhood Rezonings Map

Which Neighborhoods Next?

City Delays Next Step in Jerome Avenue Rezoning

Pratt Center Neighborhood Data Portal

There Goes the Neighborhood

City Limits – Housing & Development

Furman Center on Gentrification