Neighborhoods First believes that public actions, policies, and investments must disrupt patterns and practices that amplify racial and economic inequality in the built environment.

Discover NFF

NFF supports the following, with a focus on low-income, low-wealth communities of color:

Community-led organizations and coalitions that engage local residents, workers, businesses, institutions, and government in creating, enacting, and implementing policies and plans that shape New York City and its neighborhoods.

Organizations that provide technical resources and help build community capacity in planning and organizing.

Organizations and coalitions that research, develop, and advocate for policies to confront displacement, promote community voice and power in development, and hold government accountable for effectively implementing those policies.

Partnerships among communities, advocates, elected officials, and city agencies that define and address local and citywide issues of density, equity, and displacement.

Neighborhoods First grantees are building power, challenging entrenched narratives, and leading New York to the forefront of a national housing justice movement.