The Neighborhoods First Fund for Community-Based Planning (NFF) is a donor collaborative founded in 2015 to promote equitable, inclusive, and accountable development in New York City, with a particular focus on historically disinvested neighborhoods that now face the risk of displacement.

NFF believes that effective engagement by residents is essential if development is to truly serve the needs of all New Yorkers. We also see that engagement as a path to building the power of communities to create a just and sustainable New York City.



Neighborhoods First is co-chaired by Jerry Maldonado, Senior Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, and Maria Mottola, Executive Director of the New York Foundation. Members participate in grantmaking decisions under an agreement with the New York Foundation, which serves as NFF’s fiscal agent. NFF members also meet regularly with key field partners including grantees, policy leaders, City agency staff, and elected officials.


If you are a funder and would like information about joining NFF, please contact Neighborhoods First’s Program Director Joan Byron by clicking here.